Basic Recipes

Vegan Burger Patties

Vegan Burger Patties and Meatballs

This is my go to recipe for amazing vegan burger patties and meatballs. The best part is, they’re soy free, seitan free, and made with just wholefoods. You can make this recipe into meatballs, by forming small balls and baking them in the oven. Or, if you prefer, you can […]

Vegan Chickpea Bacon

Vegan Bacon Chickpeas – A vegan bacon alternative

These Bacon Chickpeas are a delicious and healthy meat free bacon option for people on a vegan or plant based diet. I use these Vegan Bacon Chickpeas in everything, from big breakfasts, in pasta, on sandwiches, or even just on their own. The options are endless! To Make Vegan Bacon […]

Instant Cashew Cheese | Vegan Cheese Replacement

Instant Cashew Cheese

This instant cashew cheese is my go to vegan cheese replacement. I literally use it on everything – pizza, pasta, toasties, potatoes, risotto, veggies. It’s such a delicious recipe, and it’s ready in less than 1 minute! This recipe isn’t overly unique – most vegan bloggers will have a vegan […]