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Best Appliances to Make Vegan Cooking Easier

4 Appliances That Make Vegan Cooking Easier

Over my 7 years of being vegan, I’ve discovered some great appliances that make cooking vegan food much easier. The truth is, being vegan does take more food prep. Although things are slowly changing, it’s a lot harder for us to grab something ready made from the supermarket. And we […]

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Spinach

How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Spinach

Today we’re going to talk about how to get your kids to eat more spinach. Getting your kids to eat their leafy greens would have to be the hardest thing to do as a parent. Okay, I might be being a little over dramatic there… Childbirth was probably harder… But […]

How to Get Kids to Eat Zucchini

How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Zucchini

This week we’re looking at ways to get kids to eat more zucchini! (Last week we looked at tips to get your kids to get more cauliflower in. You can check out the post here.). In the largest health and nutrition survey ever performed in Australia, called the National Nutrition […]

Vegan Foods with More Calcium than Dairy Milk

Vegan Foods with More Calcium than a Cup of Milk

Are there any vegan foods that have more calcium than a cup of (cow’s) milk? These days, with dairy advertising everywhere you look, you’d be forgiven for thinking that dairy products are the only source of calcium out there, and if you don’t eat them you’re doomed to a life […]

Vegan Food with More Iron than a Steak

Vegan Foods with More Iron than a Steak

Can your kids get enough iron on a vegan diet? Whenever the topic of iron comes up, the solution is always “you need more steak” or “you should be giving your kids more steak”. But is red meat really the only (and best) source of iron? After last week’s post […]

Vegan Foods with More Protein than Chicken

Vegan Recipes with More Protein than Chicken

Can you and your kids really get enough protein on a vegan diet? I guarantee that if you start to think about going vegan, someone, somewhere is going to ask you about protein. So, the short answer to the protein on a vegan diet question is, yes, you can easily […]

Top recommendations for healthy, vegan gluten free and nut free cooking

My Tips for Vegan Gluten Free, Nut Free Recipes

If you’re gluten free and vegan, it’s really hard to come up with healthy recipes. But with most schools nut free these days, you’re even more limited for options. I am not gluten free, but I have a lot of people in my Lunchbox Club who are. So I’ve had […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Vegan Takeaway

So, you’ve decided to go vegan. You’ve got my 7 Day Meal Plan, and you’ve got some new favourite recipes to make at home. But after a few weeks, you’d kinda like a night off. But now that you’re vegan, what take away can you actually have? Well, I’ve put […]

What Supplements Do You Need as a Vegan?

So you’ve gone vegan, but now you’re worried about what supplements you need to be taking. If you believe the meat industry, then you need to supplement everything from protein to B12 and everything in between. On the other hand, the purist Whole Foods Plant Based vegans are telling you […]