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Vegan Foods with More Protein than Chicken

Vegan Recipes with More Protein than Chicken

Can you and your kids really get enough protein on a vegan diet? I guarantee that if you start to think about going vegan, someone, somewhere is going to ask you about protein. So, the short answer to the protein on a vegan diet question is, yes, you can easily […]

What Do I Need if My Kids are Stuck at Home?

So you’ve got your food sorted, but have you thought about the extra stuff that you’ll need if your kids are home from school for a long time? With schools possibly closing in Australia this week, I’ve started to think about what I’m going to need to keep my kids […]

Beans and Grains for Pantry and Freezer Ingredient Shopping List

Vegan Pantry Items Shopping List for Coronavirus

Since the Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, there has been a lot more talk worldwide about quarantines and lock downs. When I think about a city lock down, which is happening right now in some parts of Europe, I keep thinking how hard […]

14 Day Vegan Budget Meal Plan

When I switched to a vegan diet a few years ago, and suddenly my grocery bill went through the roof. I was spending $1000s a month on food. I had heard many stories of a how a vegan diet could be super cheap, but I was seriously scared I’d end […]

Vegan Salad

How Do I Stop the Bloating?

So today I’m going to talk about something that is reeeeaally common for new vegans, and it’s something that new vegans may not feel 100% comfortable talking about. Bloating. Have you started a vegan diet, or even just added more veggies and beans to be healthier? And now you’re you’re […]

10 Tips to Go Vegan

I’m so excited to see all the new people trying out a vegan diet with the new year. It’s really cool to see it becoming more mainstream for people to eat less (or give up) meat and dairy products. A vegan diet can be a huge change for people, and […]