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Vegan Cheese and Corn Savoury Muffins
School Lunches, Snacks

Cheese and Corn Savoury Vegan Muffins

Here’s a snack recipe for everyone who prefers savoury over sweet – Cheese and Corn Savoury Vegan Muffins! When you talk about snacks, 9 times out of 10, people will suggest sweet recipes. Sweet muffins, muesli bars, protein balls… But what about those people who want something savoury? Well I’ve […]

Best Appliances to Make Vegan Cooking Easier
Beginner Vegan

4 Appliances That Make Vegan Cooking Easier

Over my 7 years of being vegan, I’ve discovered some great appliances that make cooking vegan food much easier. The truth is, being vegan does take more food prep. Although things are slowly changing, it’s a lot harder for us to grab something ready made from the supermarket. And we […]

Vegan Honey Soy Tofu Bake

Vegan “Honey” Soy Tray Bake

This kid friendly is seriously awesome for those super busy school nights. Yeah, those nights where everyone is exhausted, and you have no energy left, but you really want to get something healthy on the table for dinner. Let me tell you, tray bakes are your saviour for those nights. […]

Tips to get kids to eat cauliflower
Healthy Kids

How to Get Kids to Eat More Cauliflower

When people talk about what kids are eating, they normally focus on protein and iron (hence the emphasis on meat in kids’ diets) or occasionally calcium. But people so rarely ask about how many veggies kids have. Or if they do, they just brush off how little their kids eat […]