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How I gave up cheese and finally went dairy free

How I Finally Gave Up Cheese and Went Dairy Free

Ok confession time, it took me 3 years to give up cheese. Yes, you read that right. 3 years. Cheese was most definitely my kryptonite. I was all for going vegan, but for the life of me I. Could. Not. Give. Up. The. Cheese. So, I spent years telling myself […]

Tips on how to go dairy free

Raising Your Family Vegan: Going Dairy Free

So, now that we’ve gone meat free and egg free, now it’s time for the dairy to go. These days there are so many dairy free options out there, it’s actually super easy to give up the dairy. But, in some ways, all the options can make it harder because […]

Plant Based Milks for Kids

What Plant Milk Should I Give My Kids?

One of the biggest questions that I hear when people want their family to go vegan, is what plant milk is best for kids? We’re all told that kids need cow milk for calcium. But do they really? First up, kids do need calcium. They need it to grow strong, […]

Raise Your Family Vegan | Step 2 Go Egg Free

Now that you’ve given up the meat, it’s time to go egg free. When people think of animal cruelty in the food industry, they often only think of meat. That’s an obvious one, right? You literally have to kill an animal to eat meat. But what about eggs? Surely they […]

Raise Your Family Vegan | Step 1 Go Meat Free

If you want to transition your family to a vegan diet, I recommend doing it gradually, step by step. The first and most obvious step, is to go meat free. For some, this can be as easy as simply deciding you don’t eat meat anymore. For others, it can be […]

Vegan Protein for Kids

Can Kids Get Enough Protein on a Vegan Diet?

“We would go vegan, but my kids need meat for protein.” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that…. Today we’re going to talk about the biggest question ever asked about a vegan diet. Where do you get your protein? There are actually two parts to the […]

Healthy Vegan Kids | Avocado

The Big Question: Is a Vegan Diet Healthy for Kids?

Okay today we’re tackling the big question: Is a vegan diet healthy for kids? Can growing children stay healthy on a vegan diet? Or do they need meat, eggs and dairy to thrive? There is so much information out there around this question. No matter who you talk to, everyone […]

Vegan Lunchbox

Top Tips for Back to School Vegan Lunchboxes

Ok I’m just going to say it – it is really hard to make vegan lunchboxes for school. And if your school is nut free? Ugh, impossible! I have been making vegan school lunches for over three years now, and while it still takes planning, I promise you it does […]

Vegan Salad

How Do I Stop the Bloating?

So today I’m going to talk about something that is reeeeaally common for new vegans, and it’s something that new vegans may not feel 100% comfortable talking about. Bloating. Have you started a vegan diet, or even just added more veggies and beans to be healthier? And now you’re you’re […]

10 Tips to Go Vegan

I’m so excited to see all the new people trying out a vegan diet with the new year. It’s really cool to see it becoming more mainstream for people to eat less (or give up) meat and dairy products. A vegan diet can be a huge change for people, and […]